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Donati MBE Motorised Underbraced Wall Mounted Jib Cranes upto 2,000 kg capacity

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key features For handling goods in areas which are difficult to reach and for lifting big capacities. Available in standard versions for lifting capacities from 250 kg to 2000 kg. Jibs from 2 to 8 metres reach. Maximum rotation field 290 degrees.- Under braced beam is ideal for low headroom applications Choice of fixing brackets - Under braced arm is ideal for low headroom applications Optional hoists available
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Standard Capacity 500 kg* 1000 kg* 2000 kg*
Maximum Reach Up to 7.0 metres Up to 6.0 metres Up to 4.0metres
All models can be supplied with wall fixing system by using brackets and stay-bolts
* Standard capacities can be de-rated to suit your application

Tip: Maximum capacity sizes shown above or view standard models below.

MBE Wall mounted underbraced arm 

Created for handling goods in areas which are difficult to reach and for lifting big capacities.
Available in standard versions for lifting capacities from 250 kg to 2000 kg.  Jibs from 2m to 8m.
Maximum rotation field 290 deg.
The rotation mechanism is formed by a motor reducer fixed vertically in the lower part of the support bracket and the drive sprocket of the motor reducer fits together with a toothed crown integral with the arm which it powers.
The progressive starting up and braking are ensured by a variation of frequency (inverter).

The arm is an H (UB)-beam profile. The arm allows the addition of either standard electric or hand-pushed trolley

Painted with a base and top coat of yellow enamel, subject to preparation of the surfaces by metallic sandblasting. The drying in an oven concludes the cycle.

Jibs can be supplied with the following options:

  • Donati 400V 3ph 50Hz electric chain hoist with single or dual speed and low voltage pendant. 
  • Special reach and height
  • 400v 3ph. 50 Hz Electric feed system with festooned cables and main/off switch on the column
  • Wall fixing system by using brackets and stay bolts.
  • Mechanical Slewing stops
  • Outdoor use
  • Special paint finish e.g. Off-shore use 
  • Installation - Subject to location

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Download Donati jib crane catalogue for full specifications PDF

Type Lifting Capacity(kg) Arm (S)(m) Size of Jib Crane Speed of Arm Motor Power(kw) Weight of Crane(kg)
R.P.M m/min
ET02D40 500 4 D 1 25 0.4 313
ET02D50 5 D 0.8 25 0.4 355
ET03E60 6 E 0.6 23 0.4 574
ET03E70 7 E 0.6 26 0.4 680
ET02D20 1000 2 D 1.6 20 0.4 229
ET02D30 3 D 1.2 23 0.4 271
ET03E40 4 E 1 25 0.4 456
ET03E50 5 E 0.8 25 0.4 514
ET03F60 6 F 0.6 23 0.4 574
ET03F67 1600 6 F 0.6 23 0.4 714
ET03E20 2000 2 E 1.6 20 0.4 341
ET03E30 3 E 1.2 23 0.4 399
ET03F40 4 F 0.8 20 0.4 508
ET03F50 5 F 0.6 20 0.4 635


Bracket Specifications
Size of Crane A B C D E F
Reactions (kN) Q2 2.95 5 9.2 16.85 26.10 25.6
R 11.9 21.75 27.05 49 66.8 120
Type of Bracket 01 02 03
Staybolts ø M14 M20 M30
Clamping couples (Nm) 67 200 685
Bracket Type: Short Code GBP010110 GBP020110 GBP030110
Weight (kg) 21 36 75
Bracket Type: Medium Code GBP010120 GBP020120 GBP030120
Weight (kg) 26 60 96
Bracket Type: Long Code GBP010130 GBP020120 GBP030130
Weight (kg) 40 74 132

Bracket dimensions available in Donati Jib crane catalogue PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions are provided.


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