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Weightless Handling System
We can create your customized lifting aid

Lifts All tailor-made ergonomic lifting equipment according to the user's wishes. Here's how it goes, from ear to loaf - from lifting problems to lifting solution!

Do you have problems with lifting and handling your product?

A complete Lifts ALL system consists of an optimised combination of

  • Bal-Trol, the unique compressed-air powered lifting cylinder / Load Balancer

  • The gripper can be a vacuum, mechanical or magnetic - Each is tailor-made to your application

  • Lightweight aluminium overhead rail system or jib crane

DLHonline - DALE Lifting and Handling Specialists are sole UK agents for the Lifts All system.

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Find a Lifts All system that best suits your application below - Watch a video and make an enquiry - It's easy!