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Donati CBE Free Standing Jib Cranes H version - Motorised arm overbraced version upto 2,000 kg cap - Jib Cranes - Cranes

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Donati CBE Free Standing Jib Cranes H version - Motorised arm overbraced version upto 2,000 kg cap

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Key Features

  • For handling goods in areas which are difficult to reach
  • 0.25, 0.50, 1.00, 1.60 and 2.00 tonnes capacities
  • Up to 8.0 metres radius
  • Up to 6.0 metres high
  • Optional hoists avaialbale
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Standard Capacity 250 kg* 500 kg* 1000 kg* 1600 kg* 2000 kg*
Maximum Reach Up to 8.0 metres Up to 8.0 metres Up to 8.0 metres Up to 6.0metres Up to 6.0metres
 Maximum Height under beam Up to 6.0 metres Up to 6.0 metres Up to 6.0 metres Up to 6.0 metres Up to 6.0 metres
All models can be supplied with foundation fixings or counter plate for chemical bolt fixings (See below)
* Standard capacities can be de-rated to suit your application

Tip: Maximum capacity sizes are shown above or view standard models below.

Model features:

The electrically rotated jib cranes with a motorised arm in the CBE”Column” version are designed for handling goods in areas which are difficult to reach, where the presence of fixed obstacles would impede the practicability of the working area.
They are used also when the frequency of maneuvers, the entity of the load and the push forces, could cause excessive wear and tear if carried out manually.

“H” over braced version, for lifting capacities from 250 kg to 2000kg and jibs from 4m to 8m
Made using an H-beam section girder, where the hoist-carrying trolley run on the lower flange. The arm is fitted with one or two stay bolts to support the profile which connects it to the rising rotation tube.
This version allows the use of the jib crane for lifting capacities and ranges superior to those of the T version.
The arm allows the addition of electrical or mechanical push-trolleys.

Rotating arm
The arm, swiveling on its own axis on revolving bearings, is formed by a supporting girder for the run of the hoist-carrying trolley.

The rotation mechanism
Formed by a motor reducer fixed vertically in the lower part of the support bracket, made with a reducer of epicycloidal type, with gears in a permanent oil and self-braking conical brake motor.
The drive sprocket of the motor reducer fits together with a toothed crown integral with the arm which it powers.The progressive starting up and braking are ensured by a varistor of frequency (inverter) powered by an alternate monophase power with 230V voltage.

Jibs can be supplied with the following options:

  • Donati 400V 3ph 50Hz electric chain hoist with single or dual speed and low voltage pendant. manual or pneumatic hoist are available on request
  • Special reach and height
  • 400v 3ph. 50 Hz Electric feed system with festooned cables and main/off switch on the column
  • Foundation bolts and template or by the addition of an extended counter plate which can be used with chemical anchor fixings in suitable existing concrete floor.
  • Outdoor use
  • Special paint finish e.g. Off-shore use 
  • Installation - Subject to location
    Contact our sales team for advice on 0161 223 1990

Download Donati jib crane brochure for full specifications PDF

Installation and maintenance instructions are provided.

Jib Crane Specifications
Type Lifting Capacity (kg) Arm (S) (m) Size of Jib Crane Total Height (H) m Speed of Arm Motor Power Weight
        Base Max R.P.M Peripheric m/min KW Crane (kg) Column by m
EH35U60 250 6 U 3.5 5.5 0.6 23 0.4 420 43.5
EH35U70 7 U 3.5 5.5 0.6 26 0.4 507 43.5
EH35V80 8 V 4 6 0.6 30 0.4 765 64
EH35U40 500 4 U 3.5 5.5 1 25 0.4 370 43.5
EH35U50 5 U 3.5 5.5 0.8 25 0.4 395 43.5
EH40V60 6 V 4 6 0.6 23 0.4 600 64
EH40V70 7 V 4 6 0.6 26 0.4 720 64
EH40Z80 8 Z 4 6 0.6 30 0.4 850 75.2
EH40V40 1000 4 V 4 6 1 25 0.4 538 64
EH40V50 5 V 4 6 0.8 25 0.4 570 64
EH40Z60 6 Z 4 6 0.6 23 0.4 737 75.2
EH40Z70 7 Z 4 6 0.6 26 0.4 805 75.2
EH40Z85 8 Z 4 6 0.6 30 0.4 850 75.2
EH40Z67 1600 6 Z 4 6 0.6 23 0.4 767 75.2
4 Z 4 6 0.8 20 0.4 660 75.2
EH40Z50 5 Z 4 6 0.6 20 0.4 697 75.2
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