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Camlok SL Steel Shearleg Tripods 0.5t to 3.00t - Camlok Lifting Clamps - By Brand

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Camlok SL Steel Shearleg Tripods 0.5t to 3.00t

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The Camlok Shearlegs have been designed to be simple and easy to erect and operate.

Each set of shearlegs are supplied, as standard, fitted with safety chains and a large eyebolt for the suspension of hand operated lifting mechanisms, chain blocks or pulleys. 
A variety og leg and foot options are available
1) Spiked foot for hard ground.
2) Flat foot pad for soft ground
3) Rubber lined foot pad for internal use
4) Combined  pad and spike for hard or soft surfaces
5) Dual Height
6) Split Leg
7) Adjustable Leg
Lead Time : Approx 6 weeks from date of ordering - Made to order

NB: These shearlegs must not be used for lifting personnel, although Height Safety Tripods Click here


 WLL (Capacity)

 Height to eye (mm)

 Weight (kgs)

Total leg
length (mm)

 PCD (mm)


 500 kgs





 SL 1000/2

 1000 kgs





 SL 1000/3

 1000 kgs





 SL 2000/3

 2000 kgs





 SL 3000/3

 3000 kgs





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