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Erikkila PROSYSTEM® Lightweight Crane System - Erikkila - By Brand

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Erikkila PROSYSTEM® Lightweight Crane System

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Key Features

  • PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System is a complete light crane system for industrial environments.
  • It improves productivity of handling loads up to 2000 kg.
  • Patented trolley is nearly silent with a rolling resistance only approx. 1% of the moved load.
  • PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System brings ergonomic and quality for the working environment.
  • Full design and installation service subject to location
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Erikkila PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System

Hoist tracks, Single and Double Girder Cranes - Quality for the quality working environment.  Suitable for a wide range of applications and easily modified – economical and efficient. –  Minimal rolling resistance  – Ergonomic. Standardised kit construction – Minimal planning - Overload protection - The safe light crane system.

  • A complete light crane system for industrial use
  • 50 kg to 2,000 kg loads are available
  • Maximise the working envelope
  • Ergonomic design - Easy to use
  • Improve productivity
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Excellent quality at competitive prices
  • Quotation and Layout drawing provided

An overhead light crane system is the best solution for any workstation lifting tasks due to its extensive coverage and user friendliness. The swinging of the load is minimized because the trolley centralizes itself automatically to the right lifting position. By choosing an overhead light crane solution a significant amount of extra performance can be achieved, for example, in assembly, production, and maintenance work. 


True savingsErikkila profiles

PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System is based on three optimised steel profiles. Profiles 125, 200 and 260 cover load range up to 2000 kg. The best weight carrying capacity ratio in the world ensures maximised suspension distances. This leads to true savings due to less steel supporting construction, the number of suspension components and installation time.

PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System is durable due to its closed profile construction which prevents the system from being exposed to dust. Profiles are surface treated with impact resistant powder coating. Standard profiles are delivered in full 1-8 metres in colour yellow RAL 1007. Other colours and surface treatments are available on request.

All connections in the system are bolt connections which make the system easy to install and adapt to changing layout needs.

Patented trolley is nearly silent with a rolling resistance only approx. 1% of the moved load. PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System brings ergonomic and quality for the working environment.

Combinations of different profiles are available to suit individual lifting requirements. In a double girder crane, the hoist is suspended from a hoist saddle located between the bridge profiles. With this configuration, the lifting height is greater than the height achieved with a single girder crane.

Also, the load capacity is doubled.In some cases the raised single or double girder crane, in which the bridge profiles are raised up between the tracks, is the right choice especially when the lifting height has to be maximised. Standard bridge profiles are delivered in full metres between 1 and 8 metres.

PROSYSTEM®  Single and Double Girder Crane

Erikkila double beam crane

Ergonomic standard construction

PROSYSTEM® single and double girder crane is a user-friendly personal workstation crane. Its coverage is extensive and swinging of the load is minimized as the loaded push trolley centralises itself automatically to the right lifting position.

PROSYSTEM® single girder crane is the most ergonomic solution due to its three-dimensional construction and light own weight. With a double girder crane, the load capacity is doubled and lifting height increased as the hoist is suspended from a hoist saddle located between the bridge profiles.

PROSYSTEM® single and double girder cranes can be suspended from roof construction with standard suspensions or mounted on the floor with freestanding support frames.

Double Girder Crane
Erikkila double girder crane

Single Girder Crane

Erikkila single girder crane

Low headroom raised construction  - Original ERIKKILA –innovation for super low headroom!

PROSYSTEM® single or double girder crane with a raised construction is the right choice when the lifting height has to be maximised. Raised construction is designed for locations with limited headroom where standard construction would not bring the required lifting height. The bridge profiles of raised construction are raised between the tracks profiles to increase lifting height. A system with a raised bridge can be suspended from existing ceiling construction or from Freestanding support frames.

Erikkila raised beam crane
Raised Single Girder Crane
Profile [mm]
Track Bridge E D c
125 125 264 159 199
200 200 335 223 269
260 260 395 283 329

Erikkila raised beam drg
 Raised Double Girder Crane
Profile [mm]
Track Bridge E D B
125 125 264 159 57
200 200 335 223 69
260 260 395 283 69

Errikkila double raise beam

PROSYSTEM® Articulating suspensions

Large variety as standard

Erikkila suspensions

PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System includes various different types of articulating standard suspensions to mount the crane to the ceiling construction. The articulation ensures for its part the light and ergonomic usage of the system.

Erikkila flat cable feed
PROSYSTEM® Electricity



PROSYSTEM® Light Crane System is delivered with high-quality flat cable electrical equipment including flat cable trolleys running inside the profile as standard. Optionally the flat cable electrical feeding can be assembled on a C-rail.

Optionally to flat cable electrical equipment the crane system can be delivered with enclosed or open conductor bars. Enclosed conductor bar is installed aside the profile and open conductor bar aside or inside the profile.


Erikkila controls

In cases where manual operation of the crane is not possible the system can be equipped with electrical power trolleys. Electrical movements can be controlled with a pendant control, remote control or with a combination of these.


Telescopic crane

Erikkila telescopic crane

Telescopic crane construction can be used to widen the working area of PROSYSTEM®Single Girder Crane of profiles 200 for loads up to 250 kg. The maximum overhang from the end of the bridge is 1000 mm.



PROSYSTEM® Freestanding –support frames

PROSYSTEM® Freestanding -support frames are designed for locations where the ceiling cannot carry the crane load. They are also a perfect solution for cases where there is a need to reposition the cranes to allow changes in layout. Frames are produced on the same production line as the profiles ensuring concurrent delivery time

Erikkila free standling gantry crane

Erikkila frame drg

Freestanding -support frames
Loading 50 - 2000 kg
Single or Double Bridge width (W) 2 - 8 m
Total width (G) 4,5 - 8,56 m
Frame width (J) 4,18 - 8,16 m
Total height (H) 3 - 4 - 5 m



Track lock

Erikkila track lock

Track lock enables movement of the load from one PROSYSTEM® bridge crane system to a hoist track. The hoist trolley may pass the track lock only as the track lock is connected. Track lock is electrically operated and automatically positioning. A system with a track lock is recommended to be equipped
with conductor rail electrical equipment.

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