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Galvanised steel wire ropes 7 x 7 construction (Wire strand core) - Wire Rope & Accessories - Lifting, Hoisting and Winching

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Galvanised steel wire ropes 7 x 7 construction (Wire strand core)

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Key Features

  • Galvanised Steel Wire Rope available to buy PER METRE or BULK BUY VALUE REELS
  • 2 mm to 8 mm 1960 mpa
  • Available with choice of terminations and end fittings
  • Used for general engineering purposes, catenary wire, stay wire
  • Request your quotation today!
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Diameter See chart below for details
Length In metres
Terminations e.g.Plain end, Tapered and fused. Talurit spliced plain or thimbles
Attachements e.g hooks, shackles etc.


7x7 (6/1) - Wire Strand Core Wire Rope 

WSC (wire strand core). When supplied with a WSC the rope is more commonly referred to as 7x7. The rope is very popular in smaller diameters to 2mm where the cable remains very flexible. 6x7 ropes become quite rigid in the larger diameters and are often considered stiff in diameters 6mm and above. In these diameters, they tend to be used for applications where the rope is static/not working. A typical example being a mast stay. 7x7 construction is readily available in galvanised.
  • Stay wires
  • Fencing rope
  • Catenary wire
  • General engineering applications
  • Standing rigging
  • Garage door cables
  • Hanging signs
  • Ski-lifts
Dia of Rope Breaking Strain Grade of Rope Weight Per 100m
2mm 265Kgs 1960 1.38Kgs
2.5mm 415Kgs 1960 2.16Kgs
3mm 597Kgs 1960 3.11Kgs
4mm 1061Kgs 1960 5.52Kgs
5mm 1658Kgs 1960 8.63Kgs
6mm 238Kgs 1960 12.42Kgs
8mm 4245Kgs 1960 22.08Kgs


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