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Guardian Black Plug Socket Cable sets - All Hoist Accessories - Hoists - Lifting, Hoisting and Winching

In stock

Guardian Black Plug Socket Cable sets

In stock

Key Features

  • For use with GIS - LG Entertainment Chain Hoists
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Guardian Cable sets are a robust and flexible product that enables the user to provide power and control where needed in a quick and easy manner, without the need for electrical hard wiring or a time-consuming process. The Cable sets come in a variety of lengths, with both low voltage banded option, and a direct control option. The connectors are industrial grade Ceeform Connectors, with a Robust Rubber Sheaved cable to assist with the heavy uses these cables are often under in an entertainment environment.

The Black Plug Socket Cable sets, provide the ability to hide the cable set so the connectors can be less seen, more in keeping with theatre applications, or venues where black trussing is used to the cable sets blend in with the rest of the equipment. Only the top section of the plug is coloured, to show the separation between power and control.

**Please see attached datasheet to see specifications for each individual  product**


  • Impact Resistant Cable avoiding unnecessary damage
  • Elastomer outer sheath and Insulation  
  • Flexible Cable for easy mounting and laying in required locations
  • Copper (Strand) Conductor for each core  
  • Oil Resistant and Intermittent Waterproofing properties
  • Black Outer Sheath finish, inside colour cores in line with standards     
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ceeform Casings and Covers made from Nylon 6 For Robustness and Strength   
  • -25 ° C to 55° C Operating Temperature   
  • Additional Options include Black Plugs/Sockets (with red/
  • Yellow cover sockets)  Fully Black Plugs/Sockets, long length cables


  • Long Length Cables
  • Larger Core Size Cables
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