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Lifts All high lift suspended crate / box stacker - Automotive Components - By Industry - Vacuum Lifting

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Lifts All high lift suspended crate / box stacker

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Key Features

  • How to lift crates and boxes up to high level shelves and racks easily and safely!
  • Powered by compressed air -Ergonomic and safe in operation
  • Designed for repetitive handling tasks
  • Ideal for confined spaces in tool rooms or parts storage areas
  • Request an evaluation for your project today!
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The Lifts All high lift suspended crate stacker - Ideal for confined spaces - Full operator control for stacking and placing mini crates or boxes from rack to pallet or work station. It is a very popular tool lift that can lift boxes of various sizes and weights. The hoist has a safety feature which locks the load in a safe grip and will not release until the operator presses the release button. The operator can grip with great precision and quick lift to the desired height without risk of dropping the cargo. This lifting gear is very useful when you need to place boxes high up on shelves where they would otherwise have been difficult to reach.


  • Maximum load: 40 kg
  • Control: proportional control (PSH)
  • Weight: 77 kg
  • Media: 6-7 bar
  • No: 89-10465

See it in action here: 


We can design, deliver and install a complete solution with  grippers,balancers and aluminium rail systems. CE marked equipment with complete documentation.

Contact us - Our speciality is to analyze your lifting requirements on-site. Together we create an ergonomic handling solution exactly tailored to your requirements. .

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