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RUD PP-VIP PowerPoint® Direct VIP Chain Connection - Metric Thread Max Length - RUD Lifting Points Bolted - RUD Chains - By Brand

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RUD PP-VIP PowerPoint® Direct VIP Chain Connection - Metric Thread Max Length

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Key Features

  • Rotating 360°, pivoting 230°
  • Tread range M12 to M30
  • Universal, unmistakable VIP connection for chain, hook and eye
  • Double ball bearing for turning/rotating operations
  • Safety factor 4:1
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PP-VIP PowerPoint® direct VIP chain connection, metric thread

Complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG

Available for quotation with metric threads standard lengths (For for Special thread lengths  please contact us for quotation)

 ■ Double ball bearing for free turning and soft winding

■ Suitable for all lifting/lashing means for example hooks, rings and slings.

■ Non-protruding hook tip

■ Forged safety latch, engages in the tip of the hook therefore protected against lateral bending.

■ Triple coiled corrosions protected double leg spring

■ Thickened tip of the hook prevents handling malpractices and resists bending.

 Wearing edges on both sides and gauge marks for measuring the width of the hook opening.

■ Not suitable for permanent swivelling under load

■  Even under full load, can be turned into a 90°position from the bolt centre line.

 PP-VIP - For direct chain connection of VIP chain 


Type WLL 
D  F  G  M  SW Weight (kg) Ref.-No. 
PP-VIP4-0.63t-M12 0.63 4 40 18 41 12 36 0.25 7989525
PP-VIP6-1.5t-M16 1.5 6 46 25 50 16 41 0.45 7989526
PP-VIP8-2.5t-M20 2.5 8 61 30 61 20 55 0.95 7989527
PP-VIP10-4t-M24 4.0 10 78 36 77 24 70 2.2 7989528
PP-VIP13-5t-M30 5.0(6.7) 13 95 45 93 30 85 3.5 7989529
Up to M42 To special order (Please contact us

PP-S/PP-B/PP-VIP – all types in special thread lengths available

Please contact us with your requirements for special quotation

The warranty can only be guaranteed with originally assembled RUD components and chains!

  • Easy identification of WLL
  • Loadable in any direction. Safety factor 4: 1
  • Double ball bearing for free turning and soft winding
  • Cr, Ni, Mo-steel special quenched and tempered
  • All parts 100 % crack detected
  • Max. load limit at smallest thread diameter
  • Variable screw lengths available
  • Can also be used for through holes
  • Surface: pink powder coated
  • Fast amortisation because of easy handling

Notice: Follow the Instructions for use!

Can be turned under full load even in a 90-degree position from the bolt centre line.

Not suitable for permanent swivelling under full load

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