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Standard Ceeform Cable sets - All Hoist Accessories - Hoists - Lifting, Hoisting and Winching

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Standard Ceeform Cable sets

In stock

Key Features

  • For use with GIS - LG Entertainment Chain Hoists
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Guardian Cable sets are a robust and flexible product that enables the user to provide power and control where needed in a quick and easy manner, without the need for electrical hard wiring or a time-consuming process. The Cable sets come in a variety of lengths, with both low voltage banded option, and a direct control option. The connectors are industrial grade Ceeform Connectors, with a Robust Rubber Sheaved cable to assist with the heavy uses these cables are often under in an entertainment enviroment.

**Please see attached datasheet to see specifications for each individual  product**


  • Impact Resistant Cable avoiding unnecessary damage
  • Elastomer outer sheath and Insulation   
  • Flexible Cable for easy mounting and laying in required locations
  • Copper (Strand) Conductor for each core  
  • Oil Resistant and Intermittent Waterproofing properties
  • Black Outer Sheath finish, inside colour cores in line with standards     
  • RoHS compliant
  • Ceeform Casings and Covers made from Nylon 6 For Robustness and Strength   
  • -25 ° C to 55° C Operating Temperature   
  • Additional Options include Black Plugs/Sockets (with red/
  • Yellow cover sockets), Fully Black Plugs/Sockets, long length cables


  • Long Length Cables
  • Larger Core Size Cables
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