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Thern 477 Helical/Worm Gear Power Winches - Thern Power Winches - Thern - By Brand

In stock

Thern 477 Helical/Worm Gear Power Winches

In stock
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Up to 900 kg (2,000 lbs) Capacity
*Thern powered winches standard is US voltages but supplied here specifically modified for UK voltages and CE marked
Machine Cut Worm Gears for accurate and long-lasting service.
Enclosed Oil Bath provides continuous lubrication of gears to minimize wear. Oil seals keep oil in and dirt out.
Internal Mechanical Brake provides positive load control.
Cast Aluminum construction for lightweight strength, with durable paint, finish resisting corrosion.
Ball Bearings ensure smooth and efficient operation.
Series 4777 is designed with a 4 inch wide drum for tight fleet angle installations.
Accessory Options include limit switches, cable pressure plates, torque limiting controls, and manual overrides.
Wire Rope sold separately.
2-year Limited Warranty

Options and Accessories

Emergency Hand Crank for manual operation in case of power failure. Does not include
Rotary Limit Switches for secondary shut-off to limit load travel in one or two directions.
Special Motors and Controls including severe duty and explosion-proof.
Special Finishes for hazardous environments.
Torque Limiters as part of the motor controls on electric models.
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