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Thern Model 4WP2D8 1 and 3 Phase Worm Gear Winches - Thern Power Winches - Thern - By Brand

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Thern Model 4WP2D8 1 and 3 Phase Worm Gear Winches

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Series 4WP2D High Speed Worm Gear Power Winches
*Thern powered winches standard is US voltages but supplied here specifically modified for UK voltages and CE marked
Up to 680 KG (1500 lb) capacity
  • Direct Drive Design delivers high speed operation in both directions, even under full load.
  • Machine Cut Bronze Worm Gears provide accurate operation and long lasting service.
  • Enclosed Oil Bath provides continuous lubrication of gears to minimize wear. Oil seals keep oil in and dirt out.
  • Internal Mechanical Brake provides positive load control for lifting and lowering operations.
  • Ball Bearings and self-aligning bronze bearings provide smooth and efficient operation.
  • Pressure Plate applies pressure to drum and wire rope to help maintain uniform winding. Not available on clutch models.
  • Dual Function Cable Anchor for quick disconnect of wire rope with swaged ball fitting, or recessed cable anchor with set screw for wire rope with unfinished end.
  • Mounting Options include floor, wall, or ceiling.
  • Two-year Limited Warranty
  • Cast Aluminium construction, for lightweight strength.
  • Corrosion Resistant durable paint finish protects against corrosion in harsh environments.
  • Large Diameter Drums minimize wear to the wire rope and help extend its life.
  • Clutch Model allows operator to manually disengage the drum to rapidly unwind wire rope.
  • Clutch models do not include pressure plates.
  • Wire rope assemblies and controls sold separately - CONTACT US
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