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TSL Lightweight Turntable Trucks - Platform Trucks and Trolleys - Material Handling

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TSL Lightweight Turntable Trucks

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The trucks are available in three sizes and two wheel types.This lightweight flatbed turntable is ideally suited for moving loads in confined spaces or down narrow aisles. The steering mechanism is a king pin and friction plate. The frame is of tubular steel with a 12mm plywood bed, there are two wheel types available in this range.

Model Type Platform L X W Wheels Overall L x W x H Carrying Capacity
TSL000NR Turntable-Flatbed-Light 900 x 500 200mm rubber tyre 958 x 500 x 328 200Kg
TSL000NP Turntable-Flatbed-Light 900 x 500 260mm pneumatic tyre 958 x 500 x 398 200Kg
TSL100NR Turntable-Flatbed-Light 1200 x 600 200mm rubber tyre 1258 x 600 x 328 200Kg
TSL100NP Turntable-Flatbed-Light 1200 x 600 260mm pneumatic tyre 1258 x 600 x 398 200Kg
TSL200NR Turntable-Flatbed-Light 1500 x 700 200mm rubber tyre 1558 x 700 x 328 200Kg
TSL200NP Turntable-Flatbed-Light 1500 x 700 260mm pneumatic tyre 1558 x 700 x 398 200Kg


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