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YALE push and geared type model HTP/G ATEX - Capacity 500 - 20000 kg - Yale Hoists - Yale - By Brand

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YALE push and geared type model HTP/G ATEX - Capacity 500 - 20000 kg

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YALE push and geared type model HTP/G ATEX Capacity 500 - 20000 kg

No protection classification as no ignition source when utilized according to intended use.
Applicable in zone 1, although the protection classi- fication of the utilized hoist has to be considered

The trolley enables the exact positioning or easy tra versing of large loads with either manual or powered hoisting equipment.


  • Adjustable to fit a wide range of beam widths and profiles (e.g. INP, IPE and IPB).
  • The solid bronze trolley wheels are designed for a max. beam profile incline of 14 % (DIN 1025 -part 1), excellent rolling features are guaranteed by prelubricated, encapsulated ball bearings.
  • Adjustments are made by rotating the clevis load bar which also ensures the centred positioning of the hoist in the clevis - no creeping to the left or the right.
  • Explosion protected version with spark resistant coating.
  • Trolleys equipped with rubber buffers.
  • Locking device to secure the trolley in position on the beam (park position e.g. on ships).
  • Hand chain from stainless steel
Technical data model HTP ATEX and model HTG ATEX
ModelCapacitySizeBeam flange width bMaximum flange thickness tMin. curve radiusEffort at WLLWeight*Weight**
Hand Push kgmmmmmdaNkgkg
HTP ATEX 500500A50 - 220250.98.014.5
HTP ATEX 10001000A50 - 220250.99.017.0
HTP ATEX 20002000A66 - 220251.1516.024.0
HTP ATEX 30003000A74 - 220251.432.041.2
HTP ATEX 50005000A90 - 220251.848.058.5
HTP ATEX 500500B160 - 300400.910.617.1
HTP ATEX 10001000B160 - 300400.912.020.0
HTP ATEX 20002000B160 - 300401.1519.327.3
HTP ATEX 30003000B160 - 300401.435.845.0
HTP ATEX 50005000B180 - 300401.852.262.7
HTG ATEX 500500A50 - 220250.939.716.2
HTG ATEX 10001000A50 - 220250.9611.219.2
HTG ATEX 20002000A66 - 220251.15718.026.0
HTG ATEX 30003000A74 - 220251.4735.444.6
HTG ATEX 50005000A90 - 220251.8951.862.3
HTG ATEX 500500B160 - 300400.9312.619.1
HTG ATEX 10001000B160 - 300400.9614.122.1
HTG ATEX 20002000B160 - 300401.15721.329.3
HTG ATEX 30003000B160 - 300401.4739.248.4
HTG ATEX 50005000B180 - 300401.8956.066.5
HTG ATEX 80008000B125 - 310401.814104.0
HTG ATEX 1000010000B125 - 310401.814104.0
HTG ATEX 1500015000B125 - 310405.029230.0
HTG ATEX 2000020000B125 - 310405.029230.0
*Weight for HTG ATEX without hand chain           **Weight HTG ATEX with locking device without hand chain

Dimensions model HTP ATEX

 Dimensions model HTG ATEX

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