Cleanroom Lifting and Handling Products

* Aluminium Overhead cranes and swing jibs
* Stainless steel portable and fixed lifting davit cranes
* Electric Hoists Stainless Steel hoist for pharmaceutical applications
* Vacuum and mechanical grippers for cleanrooms
* Aluminium big bag lifters and lifting beams
* Aluminium fixed and mobile gantries
* Stainless steel winches, wire ropes, and diverting pulleys
* Below-the-hook products in stainless steel: slings, shackles, and eyebolts
* Stainless steel pallet trucks

You can buy online or request a quotation online for the most appropriate product to suit your application. In addition, our in-house technical sales team can work with you to answer all of your questions and then provide the most reliable product from our range of standard products or a bespoke solution to suit your exact requirements.

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