What do you want to lift?

Whether it's a Jet Fighter, Luxury Yacht, Printing Press, Museum Exhibit or Rubbish Skip - You will want to lift it safely!

Lifting beams, frames and spreaders are usually designed and built for a specific purpose. The range of designs and capacities is therefore only limited by practicality.

It is important to take care in selecting the right type of beam to be used and to plan the lift taking the following into account: ·

Application requirements - to reduce headroom, provide multiple lifting points, to provide adjustable lifting centres, to handle out of balance loads, to remove or control inward or crushing forces, to allow for special load attachments.

Calculations to be made will include the capacity, both of the overall beam and of the loading of the individual lifting points. ·

Another important consideration is the centre of gravity of the load to be lifted, together with any accessories and or attachments used - slings, grabs, shackles, hooks, magnets, vacuum pads etc.

Lifting beam – v – Lifting Spreader

Lifting beams, Lifting frames and Lifting spreaders are a means of providing two or more lifting points from the hook of the lifting machine or crane spaced so as to match the position of the lifting points on the load. The difference lies in the way the forces are transmitted.

To help you decide which is best for your application, we have compiled a guide to specifying  lifting beams or lifting spreader to help you understand the complexities.


Guide to Lifting beams and Spreaders (PDF)


With an in-house design and manufacturing team and currently over100 years of combined knowledge in the supply of innovative lifting solutions, we are your one-stop source for all lifting applications.

Our ISO 9001 service and membership of the Lifting Equipment Engineers Association makes us your number one choice in helping you make that lift in safety. Our lifting beams are used to lift 1000's of tonnes around the world by Aeronautical, Construction, Marine, Manufacturing and Logistics companies.

All of DLH Online’s lifting beams, spreader beams, spreader bars and lifting frames can be manufactured to your load specific application such as, big bags, freight containers, boats and machines or general lifting applications.

From 10 kg to 100 tonnes or more. Fixed or adjustable load centres, adjustable centre of gravity etc. Proof load test report and declaration of conformity is provided. Every beam is CAD designed and manufactured to individual customer's requirements and with specifications in accordance with standard BS EN13155 and LEEA Guidance. Beams are marked with CE, SWL and are ID-numbered.


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