• AC2500a (1500 / 2500kg) 110v x 1ph
  • AC2500b (1500 / 2500kg) 240v x 1ph

CABLE•PULLER cable pulling winch is available as 110v or 240v options. The CABLE•PULLER provides the perfect solution to installing long or heavy lengths of cable in difficult locations. CABLE•PULLER takes the strain and makes the job easier. It reduces manpower hours required to meet installation deadlines and is safer and faster. Suitable for continuous pulling to tackle the toughest pulling applications.

The unit is supplied with a footswitch. With both forward and reverse actions the CABLE•PULLER cable pulling winch is available with either a metal or standard brake cover.

Choose from a range of double braid (braid-on-braid) high tensile flexible ropes with minimal elongation.

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