Why YOU Need to install a Safety Pallet Gate

Mezzbarriers Pallet Gates AT-A-Glance (PDF) – quick overview of types available

Safety pallet gates are indispensable safety mechanisms used in warehouses and industrial environments to safeguard personnel working near pallet drop areas. These gates provide a secure barrier, preventing accidental falls and injuries. They are typically equipped with interlocking mechanisms and self-closing gates to ensure maximum safety. Safety pallet gates play a critical role in mitigating workplace hazards and promoting a safe working environment for employees loading and unloading pallets.

Accident Prevention

Injuries related to mezzanines can occur due to various factors, such as falls from unprotected edges, improper use of equipment, or inadequate safety measures. These injuries can seriously affect workers and significantly impact workplace safety. Businesses must prioritise safety protocols, including installing appropriate barriers, safety gates, and training programs to mitigate the risk of mezzanine-related injuries and create a secure working environment for employees.

Safety Pallet Gates for Different Requirements and Difficult Locations

Mezzbarriers has developed ten safety pallet gate models, each tailored to meet specific safety needs and designed for different industrial settings. These include low-cost dual-gate pallet drop systems and open-top gate systems for hoist loading or tall loads. Custom side pivoting gates, folding pallet gates for mezzanines, work platforms, door openings, loading bays, confined spaces, and low headroom locations. The availability of such specialised gates ensures that specific safety requirements, such as fall protection, restricted access, and efficient material handling, are met, providing a sense of security and comprehensive protection for workers.

Safety is built in.

Mezzbarriers pallet gates are meticulously designed and manufactured in strict accordance with safety standards ISO 14122-3:2016 and other criteria. These standards, which may include regulations from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), occupational safety organisations, building codes, and industry-specific guidelines, ensure the gates' effectiveness in preventing accidents and promoting workplace safety. The criteria for safer pallet gates include load capacity, gate dimensions, material strength, and installation requirements, guarantee compliance with safety regulations, and instil confidence in their optimal performance in industrial environments. All Mezzbarriers safety pallet gates are supplied with safe use and installation instructions.

Engineered to Last

Mezzbarriers pallet gates enhance workplace safety by providing secure access points for loading and unloading pallets on mezzanine levels. They effectively prevent falls and accidents by creating a protective barrier around pallet drop areas, ensuring the safety of personnel working in elevated locations. Mezzbarriers pallet gates are designed to meet stringent safety standards. They are engineered using mechanical assembly to facilitate efficient material handling while prioritising worker safety, making them an essential component of a secure and productive industrial environment. All parts are replaceable in the event of damage in use. Finishes are galvanised tubes and clamps to EN ISO 1461: 2009 or additional safety yellow thermoplastic (PPA 571 ES) RAL 1021 tube coating, ensuring longer life.

Finding the Right Answer for Your Needs

Mezzbarriers Pallet Gates AT-A-Glance (PDF) – quick overview of types available

How to Specify the Pallet Gate for YOUR Location (PDF E-Form),

Mezzbarriers Pallet Gate Brochure (PDF)

Mezzbarriers Safety Pallet Gate Declaration of Conformity (PDF)

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