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Donati GBA Overbraced H overbraced version Free Standing Jib Cranes up to 2,000 kg capacity

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key features Manual slew - Free standing jibs 300 degree rotation up to 8m reach 0.125, 0.25, 0.50, 1.0, 1.6 and 2.0 tonnes capacities Up to 8 metres radius Choice of floor fixings - surface counter plate or foundation template and bolts Optional electric hoists avaialble
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Standard Capacity 125 kg* 250 kg* 500 kg* 1000 kg* 1600 kg* 2000 kg*
Maximum Reach up to 8.0 metres Up to 8.0 metres Up to 8.0 metres Up to 8.0 metres Up to 6.0metres Up to 6.0metres
 Maximum Height under beam up to 5.5 metres Up to 6.0 metres Up to 6.0 metres Up to 6.0 metres Up to 6.0 metres Up to 6.0 metres
All models can be supplied with foundation fixings or counter plate for chemical bolt fixings (See below)
* Standard capacities can be de-rated to suit your application

Tip: Maximum capacity sizes are shown above or view standard models below.

Model features:
125 kgs to 2000 kgs capacity - manual slew - Freestanding jibs 300-degree rotation up to 8m reach
H (UB) beam section over braced.

Suitable for use with standard hoists.
Painted with a base and top coat of yellow enamel, subject to preparation of the surfaces by metallic sandblasting. The drying in an oven concludes the cycle.

Jibs can be supplied with the following options:

  • Donati 400V 3ph 50Hz electric chain hoist with single or dual speed and low voltage pendant. Alternatively 110V and 240V electric hoists, other brands, manual or pneumatic hoist are available on request
  • Special reach and height
  • 400v 3ph. 50 Hz Electric feed system with festooned cables and main/off switch on the column
  • Foundation bolts and template or by the addition of an extended counter plate which can be used with chemical anchor fixings in suitable existing concrete floor.
  • Mechanical Slewing stops
  • Outdoor use
  • Special paint finish e.g. Off-shore use 

Installation - Subject to location

Download Donati jib crane cataloge for full specifications PDF

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H” over braced version, for lifting capacities from 125kg to 2000kg and jibs from 4m to 8m
The arm is made using an H-beam section, the hoist-carrying trolley runs on the lower flange of the H-beam. The arm is fitted with one or two stay bolts to support the profile which connects it to the rotation tube.
This version allows the use of the jib crane for loads and jibs superior to those possible with the C and T versions. The arm allows the addition of electrical and mechanical push-trolleys.

Installation and maintenance instructions are provided.

Lifting Capacity (KG) Arm (S)
Size of Jib Crane
Column Total Height H (M)
Type Weight
Crane (KG)
Column by m
125 6 C T 3.5 H35T60 285 35
7 C T 3.5 H35T70 305 35
8 D U 3.5 H35U80 425 43.5
250 4 C T 3.5 H35T40 247 35
5 C T 3.5 H35T50 266 35
6 D U 3.5 H35U60 374 43.5
7 D U 3.5 H35U70 400 43.5
8 E V 4 H40V80 620 64
500 4 D U 3.5 H35U40 323 43.5
5 D U 3.5 H35U50 349 43.5
6 E V 4 H40V60 559 64
7 E V 4 H40V70 590 64
8 F Z 4 H40Z80 771 75.2
1000 4 E V 4 H40V40 497 64
5 E V 4 H40V50 528 64
6 F Z 4 H40Z60 694 75.2
7 F Z 4 H40Z70 733 75.2
8 F Z 4 H40Z85 812 75.2
1600 6 F Z 4 H40Z67 694 75.2
2000 4 F Z 4 H40Z40 615 75.2
5 F Z 4 H40Z50 654 75.2




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