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Eepos Aluminium Crane Systems - Water Treatment and Utilities - By Industry

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Eepos Aluminium Crane Systems

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Key Features

  • Aluminum crane systems – the better alternative - Kits or full installation service
  • Eepos systems are demonstrably one of the easiest crane systems to move
  • Capacities up to 2000 kg
  • Choice of hoist or manipulator to suit your application
  • Arrange a consultation to find out more
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 Aluminium crane systems – the better alternative - Kits or full installation service

Eepos track section
With the eepos modular aluminium system, you will choose a crane system of the next generation. This innovative technique has remarkable advantages.

Inexpensive alternative

The intelligent eepos design, the inter-product compatibility, and the practical accessories form the basis for minimised investment and operating costs. The simple installation also has a positive effect on the overall cost.

Eepos Crane Design

Simple system planning

Operator-friendly tools and product data in 2-D and 3-D make working with eepos products fun. In order to make the work particularly easy we make all the information available for you.
Swift Delivery
We are able to react swiftly to your needs, thanks to optimised warehouse logistics and a flexible production capability. In most cases, we can deliver within a matter of days.

Eepos crane installation

Foolproof installation

A well-conceived system construction kit and the low weight of the eepos products make for a simple, swift installation of the system – usually without the elaborate reinforcement of the building. The high degree of compatibility with other well-known profile construction kits is a further advantage. 

Eepos crane safety

All round safety
Independent FEM calculations have shown that eepos products deliver what they promise. Regular long-term and load tests guarantee that work with our crane systems is safe and will continue to be so in the future – tested safety inclusive.


Eepos - The easiest crane system to move:

Eepos trolley

Eepos systems are demonstrably one of the easiest crane systems to move of those that are available on the market at this point in time. In comparison to customary suspended runway systems, the operator of an eepos system requires only one-third of the power to move a load. Trolleys in the aluminium profiles also run distinctly more quietly. These are measurable and noticeable ergonomics

Load to be moved Breakaway force Moving force
100 kg 0.5-0.8 kg 0.2 - 0.4 kg
250 kg 1.3 - 1.6 kg 0.5 - 0.8 kg
500 kg 2.5 - 3.8 kg 1.0 - 2.9 kg
750 kg 3.8 - 5.6 kg 1.5 - 2.9 kg
1000 kg 5.6 - 7.5 kg 2.0 - 3.8 kg

Load handling with eepos cranes
The smoother a crane system runs, the more pleasant and health-preserving it is to work with. This is why Eepos places particular value on optimum crane system running behavior when developing any components.

We can supply a wide range of electric or air-operated hoists and manipulators to suit most applications.

Whether you are lifting bags, components, sacks, boxes, drums or boards, there is generally a gripper tailor-made to suit your industry requirements.   

We specialise in repetitive handling solutions for many industries, including:
Automotive, Brewing, Chemicals, Engineering, Food, Logistics, Manufacturing, and Pharmaceutical

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Mono and Double Runways
Eepos runway systems

The monorail runway represents the simplest form of linear transport. It is inexpensive, has a low profile and is very easy to use. The double rail crane comprises two parallel crane runways between which the eepos chain hoist support is located. This configuration achieves symmetrical load distribution so that the distance between the tracks can be increased, thereby decreasing the load on the hall. Another advantage is the higher hook position that results from the positioning of the chain hoist between the runway profiles.
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Single Girder Cranes

Eepos single girder cranes

The single girder crane is a combination of the double-rail crane and crane girder. This results in an optimum, blanket coverage alternative for material transport whilst remaining easy to use.  The single-girder elevated crane is outstanding because of its extremely low profile, thus making optimum use of the available height while retaining all the advantages of the single-girder crane.
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Double Girder Cranes

Eepos double girder cranes

The double-girder crane is the answer for blanket coverage transportation of heavy loads. A more even distribution and increased hook height is achieved by using two crane beams arranged in parallel with the chain hoist support fitted between them. The double-girder elevated crane combines the advantages of an elevated system with those of the double-girder crane.
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Telescopic Cranes

Eepos telescopic cranes

The single girder crane with a telescopic girder can reach areas of the hall that were previously inaccessible. In its elevated version, it is also suitable for environments with the limited room height.   Retracting the telescope girder - If the lower crane rails of a telescoping bridge need to be retracted, then there is a set on offer to pull in the profile. The set includes a spring balancer, including the required securing material. The set can be used on profiles S, M, L, and XL.

Special Systems

The eepos pneumatic brake allows loads to be held securely. The maintenance-free unit works with the ‘pneumatic muscles’ of FESTO and achieves a holding force of 40 kg. The brake is available in either closing or opening variations. 

Manufacturing and materials

The Eepos aluminium profiles are manufactured by extrusion pressing. The material used is an EN AW 6063 T66 aluminium alloy. The colour is aluminium, anodized in its natural colour. The accessories are made largely of galvanized steel (suspension points, profile connectors, bolts, etc.). Some accessories are made of reinforced, high-performance plastics.


The design of our profiles regarding the regulation of the tolerances is based on DIN EN 755-5.
The standards DIN 4132 (Crane Runways), the DIN 15018 (Cranes) and the DIN 18800 , Part 1 (Steel Structures; Design and Construction) form the main basis for the construction of the Eepos crane system construction kit.
The accident prevention regulations (APR‘s) must be adhered, from the planning stage up to operating the crane system construction kit.

If dimensioning and installation are carried out according to Eepos specifications, the systems conform to the technical regulations and the laws governing technical equipment as well as the APRs, DIN, VDE regulations and the Machine Directive 98/37/EC.

Manufacturers' declarations and data sheets are supplied with the Eepos crane system construction kit.
In addition to the above-mentioned regulations, numerous VDI directives are taken into consideration for construction.

The Eepos aluminium crane system successfully underwent inspection by the Employer‘s Liability Insurance Association on 03.05.2007.
In order to use Eepos products for their intended purpose, it is imperative that the safety instructions are taken into consideration.
Explosion safety

In areas where fine dust is processed, the varnish is applied, or other products are processed, which are explosive, an Eepos crane system may likewise be used. Modifications to a few system components allow the systems to be used up to explosion protection category II. Please consult one of our sales team for your design principles.

Clean room

For clean room applications (ISO classification 7, corresponding ISO14644-1) the grooves and openings of the profiles are sealed with cover profiles. We are pleased to offer you all-in-one solutions, including modification of the lifting equipment and other components. Please get in touch with our sales team to discuss your design criteria.


We are available to advise you on the phone or visit your site. Furthermore, all data of our products, including drawings and examples of use, can be made available to you.  We can also arrange extraordinarily short delivery times for you. Every component of our crane systems is available from stock for you.  Express delivery can be arranged with a surcharge.


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