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Lifts All Gas Cylinder Handlers - Features lift and rotate model - Cylinder Handling - Drum & Cylinder Handling - Material Handling

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Lifts All Gas Cylinder Handlers - Features lift and rotate model

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Key Features

  • How to handle any type of gas cylinders safely and quickly
  • Powered by compressed air -Ergonomic and safe in operation
  • Many configurations are possible to cover your working envelope
  • Special lcylinder vacuum pads, hooks or grippers can be designed to your exact requirements
  • Request an evaluation for your project today!
Delivery Options

This Lifts All gas cylinder lifter has separate vacuum pads which can be switched to suit different size cylinders. It also has powered rotation.  Can be supplied with a fixed or portable articulated jib crane or an alumnium crane track system - If a vacuum lifter is not suitable, please download our brochure (Right) for alternative attachments


  • Maximum load: 120 kg
  • Control: proportional control (PSH)
  • Weight: 46 kg
  • Media: 6-7 barRef: 4415

Easily handles heavy gas cylinders from, for example pallet to pallet. The lifting tool can lift cylinders of different sizes and weights, maximum up to 120 kg. The operator simply grasps the gas bottle by placing the gripper on the side of the bottle and press the handle button. Then it can be lifted and tilted 90 degrees to the desired position. The handling of cylinders becomes smoother and more ergonomic, improving both the work environment and workflow.

See it in action



The handler pneumatically driven and only requires a few per cent of the energy needed by traditional vacuum lifters. This leads to beneficial effects on both economy and environment, as well as making the lifter silent.

Smarter Air Consumption - Unlike traditional vacuum lifters the Lifts All lifter knows when to switch on and off. The clever auto start turns on as soon as the vacuum cup lands on a surface. If the surface is air tight it immediately stops consuming air, even during the lift. It will only consume precisely as much air as it needs to keep a decent vacuum level.

And the biggest difference:

No waste of energy when the gripper is not carrying any load or when it is not in use.

Energy Saving is Standard

The energy saving system is standard and always included in the basic package. Ask us for an energy savings calculation for your company!

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Complete our simple form above and we will get back to you to discuss your requirements in more detail or contact our project design engineer on 0161 223 1990 or by email to for a no-obligation quotation on the most cost effective solution for your application.

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