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Lifts All Stone Blocks Lifter - Concrete, Glass & Building Products - By Industry - Vacuum Lifting

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Lifts All Stone Blocks Lifter

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Key Features

  • How to handle large boards, doors and panels easily and safely!
  • Lift, Rotate, Upend or turnover your product with ease.
  • Powered by compressed air - Proven techniques already in use in many industries
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Lifts All Stone Blocks Lifter


Lifting tool for stone blocks

The stone block lift is tailor-made for lifting stone blocks up to 50 kg. The lifting tool is a handy tool that can be used by any operator, regardless of physics or previous experience. The handlebar is adjustable and can be raised or lowered to provide a good ergonomic support.

The user grabs the stone block on its short sides and can then easily move it upside down using two control buttons. To change the position of the stone block, it can also be rotated 90 or 180 degrees with a single touch of a button. The lifting tool is used, for example, to lift stone blocks from pallet to position for inspection, so it is a great advantage that the rock block can be rotated. The rotation also allows the blocks to be loaded efficiently.


Max load: 50 kg

Steering: proportional steering (PSH)

Media: 6-7 bar

Weight: 70 kg

Article No : 89-10288

And the biggest difference:

No waste of energy when the gripper is not carrying any load or when it is not in use.

Energy Saving is Standard

The energy saving system is standard and always included in the basic package. Ask us for an energy savings calculation for your company!

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