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Lifts All Weightless Product Handling Lightweight Overhead Rail System - Manufacturing - By Industry - Vacuum Lifting

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Lifts All Weightless Product Handling Lightweight Overhead Rail System

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Key Features

  • An ideal rail system for repetutive handling tasks
  • Effortless performance with easy glide trolleys
  • Many configurations are possible to cover your working envelope
  • Can be roof supported or with free standing posts
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Aluminium track cranes for loads up to 600 kg

Lifts All overhead crane in light aluminum is very flexible and quiet, which is a prerequisite for an ergonomic working environment where frequent lifting tasks are carried out. In comparison with other similar light crane, The operator need only use a third of the force to move an object with our system.

Flexible installation solutions for cranes

Cranes can be installed in a variety of ways depending does for your workplace.

Overhead Systems for clean room environments

The rails of the gantry system in the basic version is suitable for clean room environments with simple additional seals to back the tracks in the rails, which prevents dirt from accumulating in the crane. The system may also be modified if need be an additional low profile or if the reach needs to be telescopic to reach a space outside the envelope of the gantry.

The crane system complements the Lifts All range of pneumatically powered weightless product handling tools designed for use in many industries and locations. Free movement around the work area is assured with the installation of a lightweight aluminium track system. The system can be provided in the monorail, twin rail with crane bridge or swing arm jib crane. 

See it in action in this example with a Lift All magnetic gripper demonstration

This next video shows crane bridge on rails attached to roof with Bal-trol load balance - Allows full coverage of the work area.


Just one example of 100's of bespoke solutions available. Each of which, can be provided to meet your exact load characteristics.  

Where? Each solution can be installed to cover your work area by using a lightweight overhead track or crane system, swing jib crane or manipulator's arm.

How? Just give us a few details on the form above and we will get back to you to discuss your project in detail. Alternatively, call our sales team on 0161 223 1990 for assistance.

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