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Omega-Nu Space Saving Fold-Up Pallet Gate Custom Size - Pallet Safety Gates - Pallet Handling - Material Handling

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Omega-Nu Space Saving Fold-Up Pallet Gate Custom Size

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Key Features

  • Conforms to HSE and Safety Professionals Requirements
  • All Galvanised finish or with Safety Yellow thermoplastic tube coated gates
  • Easy to install and simple to use - Instructions provided
  • Ideal for small areas or narrow walkways where space is tight or on narrow balconies with doors/opening
  • All round pallet access - All parts are replaceable - CE marked
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Omega Nu Space-Saving Fold-Up Pallet Gate Custom Size

It solves this problem: How to provide an economic safety gate for high-level pallet loading where space is at a premium or the area is used for a walkway. or where all-round access to the pallet is required.  Loads can be accessed on three sides. And, when in use, it protects people from coming into contact with moving loads and falls from the unprotected edge during fork truck loading access to the mezzanine floor.

This updated version of a standard design with improved rollers for ease of operation. Now constructed completely with our proven tube clamps system (No welded parts). This means that all parts are replaceable and it can be made to measure for pallets or loads up to 2.0metres high and up to 3000 mm inside width

The Omega-Nu model is offered to bespoke requirements -Delivery approx 2/3 weeks, please request a quote for an accurate despatch date or contact us: 0161 223 1990 or email:, if this is outside of your requirements.


  • Inside width: Up to 3000 mm
  • Overall width = inside width + 300 mm
  • Inside depth: Subject to pallet height and depth T.B.A.
  • Overall depth = Inside depth + 100 mm
  • Side frame depth with inner gate folded up = 500 mm
  • Max load height up to 2000 mm
  • Overall height = Load height + 1400 mm (This dimension allows at least 150 mm load clearance on inside height)
  • Handrail height 1100 mm


 We recommend that you allow at least 200-300mm load width clearance on the inside gate width for your widest pallets 

Installation: Requires 12 x M12 Bolts/Anchors (Not included). 
Standard finish: All Galvanised tube and clamps or Thermoplastic safety yellow gate tubes coating with galvanised side frame tubes and galvanised clamps

Dimensions are approximate only. Due to differences in the tube clamps and the assembly process, the actual
dimensions may vary slightly. Any critical dimensions such as hole fixing centres should be determined when the product
is actually on your site. We reserve the right to change the design without notice.

Conforms to BS EN ISO 14122-3:2016 Mezzanine Gates

Why use this safety gate system?

The Omega-Nu pallet gate design has proven the ideal answer to pallet loading issues. Particularly the space-saving side frames with free-rolling rollers makes raising and lowering effortless.

Replaces swing gates, removable bars or chains which can be left open.

The innovative Omega-Nu safety gates have been specifically re-developed to provide fool-proof safety for personnel working a height. The design is ideal for many loading applications from standard pallets to exceptionally large loads on mezzanine floors, loading docks, and high-level platforms

How It Works

The gates mounted between the space-saving side frames. The edge gate has nylon rollers with bearings operated by wire rope pulleys mounted at top of side frames
connected to a fold-down/fold-up inner gate with nylon pivot bushes. The arrangement provides continuous edge protection whether open or closed

Omega-Nu Space-Saving Fold-Up Safety Gate System -  for standard pallets or special versions for specific applications are possible. 

Features and benefits:

  • All Galvanised Tubular steel construction or Galvanised with Yellow Thermoplastic (Warm Touch) Coated Gate cross tubes
  • 100 mm high Aluminium kick plate attached to the bottom edge gate
  • Shrouded pulley wire rope operation
  • Edge gate with nylon tube rollers with ball bearings
  • Fold-down/Fold-up inner gate with plastic pivot bushes for easy operation of the balanced gates
  • Supplied ready for simple installation (Partially dismantled for shipment)
  • High load clearance
  • Clear of floor edge when open
  • All parts are replaceable
  • Separates people from moving loads and falling from the unprotected edge
  • Allows a clear view of the operation
  • Reinforces a sense of security
  • Fail-safe operation

 Optional Extras

  • Additional handrailing to complete barrier infill or extend around your platform as required
  • Floor plate in aluminium chequer plate 1250 mm wide x 1150 mm deep with 100mm fold to protect edge (Recommended for wood floors). Order 2 for wider coverage). Delivery free when ordered with your Omega-Nu safety pallet gate - Add to additional info. if required.
  • Hi-Vis Hazard warning Yellow/Black tube sleeves 1000 mm lengths - Easy to fit and cut to length (Sold separately)
  • Safety net fitted to the edge gate


Full specifications are shown in the Omega-Nu Cut Sheet Download PDF

Component Specification

Mezzbarriers tube clamps are made of malleable cast iron.  Manufactured in conformance with BS EN 1562:1997, a dependable and well-proven material for this type of product. The fittings are then hot-dipped galvanised to BS EN ISO 1461:1999 to produce a durable corrosion-resistant finished surface for extended life. Grub screws are stainless steel. Nylon rollers are self-lubricating (low coefficient of friction), excellent wear and abrasion resistance with noise reduction and high Impact strength.

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