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RUD VLBG Load Ring with max. Length Bolt Metric Thread - RUD Lifting Points Bolted - RUD Chains - By Brand

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RUD VLBG Load Ring with max. Length Bolt Metric Thread

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Key Features

  • M14 to M48 metric thread
  • Extended thread lengths (Vario) complete with locking nut and washer
  • 360 degree rotation with 180 degree pivoting link
  • Full WLL (Rated capacity) in all directions
  • Tested and Certified - 4:1 safety factor
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RUD VLBG Load Ring with max. length Metric Thread

VLBG Load Ring will turn 360°, adjustable in pull direction.

Refer to PDF for full specification with part numbers

Load ring foldable, full WLL in any load direction, surface pink powder coated.

The max. lengths of the RUD - bolts are adjusted in such a way that if a hex-head-shaped nut (DIN EN ISO 7042) is used, assemblies of material

In case of flipping fixtures dies and moulds, under full load, we recommend using our double ball bearing powerpoint collection.

Complies with the machinery directives 2006/42/EG

  • RUD Universal bolts and nuts for VLBG - 100 % crack detected!
  • The hex-head-bolt is suitable for internal and external wrench mounting for types with metric threads.
  • Surface protection: CORRUD - DT - at least 20 times better corrosion protection than zinc plating (except for the spot face) after length shortening.
  • Thread over whole bolting length „H“.
  • Bolt is held captive in the body. Replace only with the same quality class bolt.
  • Clear identification at the bolt head: RUD, thread size, quality class.
  • The load ring must be installed perpendicular to the workpiece. The workpiece must be flat, providing a complete contact for the load ring bushing.
  • Load ring has to be adjusted in pull direction, free to move, and must not support on edges.
  • Use acc. to hints for installation and by trained persons 
  • The lifting attachment must be free to move when attached to the load ring!
  • Regular inspections should be carried out by a  competent person
  • The load should not be turned during lifting.
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