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C-rail Festoon Cable Power Supply Systems - All Hoist Accessories - Hoists - Lifting, Hoisting and Winching

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C-rail Festoon Cable Power Supply Systems

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C-rail festoon cable supply system for flat cable, supplied in complete kit form.
Standard system pendant fitted to hoist

3m Track lengths, 1.5m support centres, 4core 2.5mm flat cable, I-beam support brackets

Zinc plated track sections are of compact design, and of high quality. Tapered sides reduces the possibility of a build up of dust thus assuring smooth running characteristics of the trolleys.

Flat form cable - Fine stranded copper conductor (class 5) IEC 60228 PVC insulated. 450/750V rated. Temperature rating -20 +60°C. Core coding: 4 core colour coded.
Multicores: Black with white numbers/green yellow earth. Outer Sheath: Black

Kit includes:

  • Track, supplied in 3m lengths
  • Track joints (where needed)
  • 750mm long adustable support brackets c/w track clip and girder clamps (one every 1.5m)
  • 1 x end anchor/clamp
  • Flat cable trolleys (one every 1.5m)
  • 1 x towing cable trolley
  • 1 x track end stop
  • Length of flat PVC cable 4core 2.5mm2  (H07VVH6-F)
  • 2 x PG16 PVC Flat cable glands and lock nuts

Technical details:

  • Support brackets clamp around top of I-beam section (305mm max flange width)
  • 10kg maximum weight per trolley
  • 750mm cable loop depth
  • 3m tail on cable for connection
  • 1.5m between support brackets
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