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Dale Product Guides

Dale product guides on safe lifting and handling equipment have been compiled to help user's and specifier's in selecting the right equipment to exact requirement. If you have a question, please don't hesitate to call our sales team on 0161 223 1990 or use our online enquiry form on our contact us page. There are experts readily available to help you make the right choice. Dale's have a wealth of knowledge in lifting and handling for all industry sectors. Our aim is to be your partner in safer lifting and handling at work.

Guide to Clamps, Grabs and Lugs

Guide to Jib Crane Selection

Guide to Lifting Beams and Spreader Beams

Guide to Lifting Magnets

Selecting the correct eyebolt or swivel load ring

Selecting the correct lifting shackle

Shackle guide

10 Important factors for the selection of lifting slings

Lifting sling guide

Guide to Selecting a Hand Operated Drum Winch For Use in Lifting Operations

Hand winch guide

5 reasons to buy lightweight overhead crane kit

A guide for the selection of alloy steel chain slings

Guide to alloy steel chain slings

Handy Guide - How to put on a safety harness

CMCO Hoisting Products - Hoists and Winches

Eclipse Magnetic Handling Brochure

Lifting Davit Guide

The Right Pallet Gate Guide

Custom Pallet Gate Guide

Drum and Barrel Handling Guide