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Lifts All Floor, Ceiling or Wall Mounted Articulated Maxi-Crane for repetitive handling jobs up to 100 kgs capacity

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key features Compressed air powered Fitted with Bal-trol load balancer Large range of load grippers - Vacuum, mechanical or magnet Special load attachments can be designed to your exact requirements Request an evaluation for your project today!
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Maxi-Crane is available in two sizes with a capacity of 100 kgs


  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Range: 4 metres
  • Column height: 3 metres
  • Base: 450 x450 mm
  • Media: clean compressed air (6-7 bar)
  • Rotation inner arm: 270 degrees
  • Rotation outer arm: unlimited
  • Lacquered: red (RAL 3020)


  • Maximum load: 100 kg
  • Range: 3 metres
  • Column height: 3 metres
  • Base: 450 x 450 mm
  • Media: clean compressed air (6-7 bar)
  • Rotation inner arm: 270 degrees
  • Rotation outer arm: 360 degrees (not freely rotating)
  • Lacquered: red (RAL 3020)

Please download brochure PDF for full dimensions

Maxi-Crane is a smooth rotating folding crane that can handle loads up to 100 kg, easy and fast! It is very flexible and easily controlled at different angles, with four metres. It fits well in small workplaces or workspaces where the gantry system does not fit.

The crane is mounted mainly with pillars in the floor, but can also be attached to the ceiling or wall, which allows it to be adapted to different working environments. Compared to the Flexi the Maxi ha stronger construction and can lift heavier loads.

Endless rotating boom

Thanks to the handy size and weight of the crane it can be easily and quickly installed at a low cost. Low weight combined with low friction in the joints makes the Maxi Crane very quiet and easy to work with. Another advantage of the Maxi-Crane is that the outer boom, due to its smart design, can rotate not only a full lap endlessly! Thanks to the crane's flexibility and responsiveness outperforms standard jib cranes and Articulated Jibs with ease.

Pneumatic knuckle boom crane

Lifts All lifting equipment not only saves backs, but also time and money. Because the crane is powered by compressed air alone, saved energy savings during actual use. Our standby costs nothing!



Maxi Mini Crane is a smooth rotating knuckle boom crane. It has the same capacity as Maxi Crane, 100 kg, but a shorter arm on three metres. It fits well in jobs that are low ceilings, where a conventional crane does not fit.

Quiet and smooth boom

The low weight combined with low friction in the joints makes the Maxi Mini Crane very quiet and easy to work with. Lifts All lifting equipment not only saves backs, but also time and money. Thanks to the handy size and weight of the crane is also easy and quick to install at a low cost. The easily installed at any height, clipped to a steel pillar.

Low profile knuckle boom with grippers

The outer lifting arm smart design with built-Bal-Trol make the crane very low profile so that it can fit in the very narrowest areas. It also allows the operator to have maximum lift height. Complete the crane with a hook for buckets, a vacuum lift for cartons or why not a mechanical gripper for lifting and turning reels? The grippers are tailored to optimize your management process and changed on a minute by the user. As simple as that!

Versatile Maxi-Crane follows you wherever you go - easily, silently and endlessly rotating!


Lifting aids for cleanroom environments

For clean room environments the Maxi-Crane, is available in stainless steel. Combined with a stainless steel lifting tools, we can thus provide most of the room classed workstations with ergonomic lifting aids. We can polish crane and lifting equipment to the requested roughness, and of course delivering ATEX approval for the entire lift system.

Whether you are lifting bags, components, sacks, boxes, drums or boards there is generally a gripper tailor-made suit your industry requirements.   

We specialise in repetitive handling solutions for many industries including:
Automotive, Brewing, Chemicals, Engineering, Food, Logistics, Manufacturing and Pharmaceuticals.

Enegy effective air hoist

Since the crane is driven by compressed air, costs are even saved during the very use of FlexiCrane. Our standby mode costs nothing!

The endlessly rotating crane

Another nice feature about FlexiCrane is that due to the clever design of air intake, the arm can actually rotate, not only a full turn - but endlessly!

Load Attachment required - No Problem

A range of load grippers and vacuum cup attachments are available 

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