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Twin C-rail Festoon Cable Supply and Remote Pendant Systems - All Hoist Accessories - Hoists - Lifting, Hoisting and Winching

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Twin C-rail Festoon Cable Supply and Remote Pendant Systems

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Key Features

  • C-rail festoon twin systems to feed power and remote pendant to overhead hoists
  • Simple to install - Cost effective alternative to bus bar
  • More robust than catenary taut wire cable festoon system
  • Free running in operation - High safety factor
  • Low maintenance
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C-rail festoon cable supply and remote pendant system for flat cable suspended on same brackets. Supplied in complete kit form.
Feeds for both power and pendant allowing safe pendant operation clear of hoist and load.

3m Track lengths, 1.5m support centres, 4core 2.5mm flat cable, 12core 1.5mm flat cable, I-beam support brackets

Zinc plated track sections are of compact design, and of high quality. Tapered sides reduces the possibility of a build up of dust thus assuring smooth running characteristics of the trolleys.

Flat form cable - Fine stranded copper conductor (class 5) IEC 60228 PVC insulated. 450/750V rated. Temperature rating -20 +60°C. Core coding: 4 core colour coded.
Multicores: Black with white numbers/green yellow earth. Outer Sheath: Black

Kit includes:

  • Track, supplied in 3m lengths
  • Track joints (if needed)
  • 750mm adustable support brackets c/w 2 track clips and girder clamps (one every 1.5m)
  • 2 x end anchor/clamp
  • Flat cable trolleys (one every 1.5m along each track run)
  • 1 x trolley mounted terminal box with flat cable entry gland and pendant cable exit gland
  • 1 x towing trolley
  • 2 x track end stop
  • Length of flat PVC cable 4core 2.5mm2  (H07VVH6-F)
  • Length of flat PVC cable 12core 2.5mm2  (H07VVH6-F)
  • 2 x PG16 PVC cable gland and lock nut
  • 1 x PG21 PVC cable gland and lock nut

Technical details:

  • Twin tracks supported from the same support brackets
  • Support brackets clamp around top of I-beam section (305mm max flange width)
  • 10kg maximum weight per trolley
  • 750mm cable loop depth
  • 3m tail on cable for connection
  • 1.5m between support brackets

Pendant and pendant cable not included, but are available upon request.. - Call for information

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